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Stuff You Should Know



Think you are eating healthy foods but not losing weight, or are you gaining weight despite cutting calories? Perhaps what you are eating is not really healthy. 

You need to be eating nutritious, satisfying, high-nutrient-value, low-insulin-stimulating foods to keep you in the zone of fitness. Vegetables, meat, fish, fowl, eggs, healthy fats, as well as fruits, nuts and dark chocolate in moderation.

Eliminate inflammatory, oxidative food-like substances that contribute to disease and ill health. 




Exercise is ineffective for weight management and its important to realize that you can't exercise away a bad diet. 80% of your body composition comes from what you eat. Chronic exercise increases appetite and promotes reduced calorie burning and diminished activity in the aftermath. 

However, proper strength training can be simple, convenient, and safe for everyone. A quick assessment will determine your maximum effort for each essential, full body movement. Whether you are 20 or 90, effective, in-home workouts can easily be scaled to your level of fitness. 



Can't sleep- you are not alone. Those experiencing sleep insufficiency are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity, as well as from cancer, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life and productivity. 

Melatonin is the sleepy hormone that normally increases after sundown. Unfortunately, we engage in activities that keeps our Cortisol hormone (stress hormone) elevated which blocks the melatonin from rising. Taking melatonin in pill or tablet form does not fix the underlying problems. There are solutions that do not include medication.

Slow Life Down


Slowing down is not an easy task for many highly motivated, "Type A" individuals. This is not healthy. To eliminate compulsive, destructive behaviour we must adopt a strategy that allows us to be flexible as well as spontaneous. 

Distracting devices...we have an evolutionary propensity towards distractibility such as sights and sounds that reward us by priming us to be on the alert at all times. That is why we react immediately to texts and messages, even while driving. 

There are effective techniques to streamline and optimize exposure to information coming in at a mile a second. 



Today we have become so heavily socialized into regimented, technological, industrialized lifestyles that time for play is often neglected. 

Play serves a long-term purpose - to advance longevity and quality of life. Short term- fun and relaxation. 

Play works on several regions of the brain simultaneously and calls on a number of senses, including vision, hearing, touch, motor planning, emotion and symbol interpretation. This could explain those with Alzheimers who have retained the ability to create music when many other prominent memory functions are compromised. 

Primal Fitness Philosophy


Moving frequently is the key to overall health. In addition, the Primal Essential Movements comprise a "BRIEF" high intensity, total body workout that is safe and simple to learn, that ranges from easy to advanced, making them appealing to even novice fitness enthusiasts.

Primitive humans activated their superior fat-burning systems by leading an active outdoor lifestyle featuring extensive movement and low-level cardiovascular exercise. While humans are capable of great endurance feats, many enthusiasts make the mistake of exercising in a chronic pattern, which can compromise health, regress fitness, and accelerate aging. 

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